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Start++ is a great extension for Vista's start menu
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Start++ is a great extension for Vista's start menu. This little application will add a lot of functionality to the otherwise shy Start Menu's search field. As you may known, in Microsoft Vista there isn't a unique search application. You can search from the start menu and from many fields all throughout the operative system. Start++ makes the whole experience of having that field a lot much fun. With it you can create aliases that open applications when you type a word in the search field. For example, by default, the application comes with a few integrated. If you type "g software informer", this application will understand that you want to look up "software informer" on Google. So it will fire up an Internet browser and look that up. But that's not all this application can do. Another great feature is the playback option. If you type "p nirvana", it will bring up a media player and play all your nirvana music. Isn't that awesome? You can define your own aliases, so there isn't a limit for what you can do. You just have to use your imagination and add a couple of aliases.

José Fernández
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  • It allows you to start applications and to start web searches from the comfort of the start menu
  • It's free


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